Bissell Home use Steam Carpet Cleaning Machine.  And I have to say, this machine really does a good job, the same quality as those small machines you rent from the drug store, its the same quality to me.

                                                                    $15 for 3 days

Gardening Rack, Limb Cutter and Bush Trimmer for trimming trees and trimming bushes.

​                                                              $5 for 3 days

Get these 4 devices to make sure your work and projects and square and level, 25 foot tape measure, 2 foot ruler with 3 levels, square and miter cuts, stud finder.  You get to use all 4 of these for $5 for 3 days.

​                                                                     $5 for 3 days

Bench Top Grinder

                                $10 for 3 days

2 Wooden Piano Movers Wooden Dollies for moving Fridges, Washers and Dryers, etc...  You get to use both of them for $5.

                                                                $5 for 3 days

Power Hand Tools for $5 each for 3 days.  Jigsaws, Skilsaw circular saw, vibrating sander, power drill, cordless drill, grinder.

​                                                              $10 for 3 days

    I will bring you my Lincoln Arc Welder that you will need to be able to plug into a 220 outlet, and I will show you how to turn it on and use it really quick if you don't know how.  I will also bring several welding helmets and leather welding jackets and gloves, and 12 free welding rods, so you can use it 0 to 1 hour for $100, and then each additional hour if needed at $30 an hour, I will wait for you to get done with your welding project and then I will load it all up and take it back home.

                                                      Tool Rental Package

I rent out my tools, you get them either Friday thru Monday, or Tuesday thru Thursday, roughly 72 hours, and you have to pick enough items to total $125 or more.  I will deliver and pick up the items from you.  I require a $200 cash deposit plus the cost of the items you are renting, minimum $125 for me to load and deliver to you, then pick back up a few days later, where you will get your cash deposit back after I load up my stuff from you.

Electric Yard and Week Trimmer.

              $5 for 3 days

Painting Supplies, painting pans and liners, rollers and edgers and scrapers, you just supply your own rollers and brushes.

​                                                                   $5 for 3 days

4" Bench Top Vise and Steel Anvil

​                        $10 for 3 days

Airless Paint Sprayer with extra hoses and 2 nozzles.

​                                           $50 for 3 days

Hi, my name is Vince, if you need me to bring over one of my welders so you can use it, just text me at 858-997-7062, I have all the stuff you need so you can weld with my stuff.   I was in the navy for 8 years, and do my book business as well.  

858-997-7062Please text over calling!

6 Different Heavy Duty Clamps and Vises

​                                             $10 for 3 days

Craftsman Portable 10" Table Saw with a Pack of Different types of Blades.  

                                                 $35 for 3 days

I will bring you my Oxygen/Acytelene Welding and Cutting Torch tanks and supplies and safety items like welding helmets, jackets, gloves and welding rods.  I will deliver to you my stuff and I will wait for you to get done welding your project or whatever so you don't need to leave me a cash deposit.  

I can delivery my stuff to you for $125 for the first hour, which you should be able to get your welding done, and if you need it longer, it's $30 an hour plus $25 an hour for gas charges for the 2 tanks, but you should be able to get most repairs done in less than an hour.  

Other places rent you the welder, but don't include the other things you need for safety, unless you pay more, so I think my little service to help you weld on your own is pretty fair priced, so give me a text if you need help or want to schedule an appointment for me to load up my stuff and come over to your place and unload and set up.

I can give you 12 welding rods for free, then you need to pay for them if you need or want to use more than that.  I pick up welding rods where ever, as I just use the closest ones I have on hand, which usually is fine, some people when they run out of rods even just use coat hangars and melt them down to fuse the melton metal together, not recommedning it, but it works.  If your really concerned, you have pay the exact ones you ant, just call the stores.

    I am bringing the welding items to you for you to use, I will not be doing any welding, just the delivery and set up for you.  

Type your paragraph here.

I am offering several rental packages for my welders and my tools.  

Portable table top belt sander.

​                               $25 for 3 days

Portable Work Top Bench, great to hold bench top tools, just put whatever saw you need on top, and clamp it down, and ready to cut wood.  I only have 2 of them, $5 each one.

                                                               $5 for 3 days

You can use my Portable Ryobi 1.5 hp Table Router and set of Router bits for $25 for the 3 day period.  You can put fun and nice borders on sides of wood and other stuff.

                                                                           $35 for 3 days

Telescopic Tree Trimmer and Saw for trimming your trees.

                                       $5 for 3 days

Craftsman 9 inch portable table top band saw.

                                                          $35 for 3 days


This is a set of 3 inch metal stencils that you can easily make signs with by just laying down your letters and using a can of spray paint to lightly spray them, then use the router to carve them out, sand and paint, and you have a nice sign!  Also have a magnifier lighted headband to make seeing your lines much easier when routing signs.  Fun if you never did one also.  Also a box of router bits you can use to carve out the wood.

                                                                           $20 for 3 days


Portable Delta 10' Compound Miter Saw with Pack of Assorted Blades. You can do straight, compound and miter cuts with this saw.

​                                                                      $35 for 3 days

4 x 12 Quality Painting Tarp, cloth on one side to soak up any spills, and rubber on the other side so that the paint does not soak thru to your floor.         

                                                                   $5 for 3 days

Heavy Duty Dolly with Hard Tires

​                 $10 for 3 days

Hitachi Jack Hammer, 40 lb, comes with chisel and hammer bits in a metal case.

                                                                                               $40 for 3 days

13 Position Adjustable Ladder, Nice Small Scaffold and great for hard to reach places other ladders can't get too.

​                                      $15 for 3 days